Work Package 0 – Project management and coordination, communication and dissemination of the project results

WP0 is the work package for the project coordination, management, communication and dissemination of project results. This WP will ensure a smooth running of all the project activities and the successful accomplishment of the project goals. The progress of the activities will be monitored by the project Coordinator supported by the Steering Committee (SC) composed by the persons in charge of each WP.
The objective of coordination is also the monitoring of all the activities for ensuring the project outputs according to the project time schedule and decision taken as well as ensuring a smooth and timely communication among the partners involved in the different EU Member States, as well as with the Regional Coordination Group for the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and DG MARE.

Work Package 1 – Compiling information and identifying gaps

WP1 will compile information on the elements that already exist to be fed into regional work plans. This gathering of information will take place in collaboration with relevant knowledge holders, e.g. MS national correspondents and chairs of the RCG. Contact with relevant services of the Commission will be considered as well as sources of further information: e.g. Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (JRC), Directorate-General European Statistics (EUROSTAT), Directorate-General Environment (DG ENV), Directorate-General Maritime Affaires and Fisheries (DG MARE). This list will be revised as starting point of WP1.

This compilation will address several of the topics relevant for regional work plans covered by the work of the RCG Med&BS.

Such relevant topics will be, in a non-exhaustive list:

– commercial fisheries (including SSF)

– data collection on recreational fisheries (RF)

– fisheries impact on ecosystem:

  1. food-web
  2. by-catch of non-target species, especially vulnerable and endangered species

c. impact of fisheries on marine habitats.

Work Package 2 – Filling information gaps

Based on the existing information and the information gaps identified in WP1, WP2 will generate, in a targeted way, the information and other inputs that are still necessary to design regional work plans for the Mediterranean and Black Sea.
The Tasks of this WP will include the organisation of workshops and meetings, as well as case studies to implement and further test the methodologies. For the success of this work package, Member States will be brought together to collaborate on addressing the knowledge and information gaps in a collaborative and coordinated approach.

WP2 will be organized in three Tasks:

Task 2.1 – Sampling design optimization in all the metiers, including small-scale fisheries, and identification of sampling hierarchy.

Task 2.2 – Collection, processing and analysis of stomach contents and monitoring of incidental by catch.

Task 2.3 – Recreational fisheries.

Work Package 3 – Establishing decision making structures and processes

WP3 will take into consideration the existing RCG RoPs (with particular reference to Points 5 and 6 of the RCG Med&BS RoPs, which are focusing on RWPs) according to which the decisions in regards to regional work plans should be made by the NCs or their representatives. A range of possible solutions/scenarios will be given to the RCG.
The decision making structures will be agreed with the RCG Med&BS in coordination with national correspondents. A description of the agreed decision making structures for developing the regional work plans will be presented in Deliverable D3.1. The decision making structure will be proposed for inclusion in the RCG Med&BS RoPs.

Work package 4 – Drafting the workplan

Based on the work and results under WPs 1 to 3, WP4 will develop, in a co-creative work process with the RCG Med&BS, draft regional work plans on the topics addressed during the implementation of the project.
The candidate stocks/GSAs for the draft RWPs will be proposed in strict cooperation with the RCG Med&BS and the MSs.