Final Report

Final Report

The STREAMLINE grant (“Streamlining the establishment of regional work plans in the Mediterranean and Black Sea”) supported the operation and functioning of the Regional Coordination Group for the Mediterranean and Black Sea (RCG Med & BS), helping advance beyond national approaches towards coordinated regional work for the fisheries data collection. Fourteen partners from the ten EU Member States in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (CIBM, COISPA, HCMR, IFREMER, CSIC-IEO, NISEA, NIMRD, IO-BAS, DFMR, IOF, EAFA, CNR-IRBIM, MAFA-DFA, FRIS, FRI) cooperated in STREAMLINE. The project lasted from December 2020 to December 2022.

The main objective of STREAMLINE was to draft Regional Work Plans (RWPs) for the Mediterranean and Black Sea. STREAMLINE, in cooperation with the RCG Med & BS, drafted a non-binding RWP that was submitted to COM in October 2022 for consideration by the STECF EWG 22-18. The non-binding RWP for 2023 included the following:

– Regional coordination for sampling marine recreational fisheries (Text Box 2.4);

– Regional coordination for sampling plan for biological data (Text Box 2.5);

– Regional coordination for Research surveys at sea (Text Box 2.6 and Table 2.6);

– Regional coordination for the monitoring of the incidental catches of sensitive species (Text Box 4.2);

– Demersal fish stomach contents collection and analysis (Text Box 4.3 and Table 4.1)

The STREAMLINE grant ended in December 2022, and the Final Report was approved by the Contracting Authority (European Commission, DG MARE) in March 2023.

The work done and achieved by STREAMLINE will now continue intersessionally through the following groups, with the aim to submit a RWP in October 2023, to be assessed by STECF EWG 23-16 (23 – 27 October 2023):

  • ISSG/Workshop on recreational fisheries RWP;
  • ISSG/Workshop on PETs bycatch monitoring RWP;
  • ISSG/Workshop on RWP on fish stomachs collection and analysis;
  • ISSG on RWPs which will be in charge of the decision-making process for developing RWPs.

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